Service Items

Profesional OEM / ODM Introduction

In addition to supply regular products and provid OEM and ODM processing and production to save customer's human resources(non-essential cost,)
we are convinced that we can reduce customers' cost and satisfy them by meetting the benefits of division of labor.

Customer Contact

Undestand what customer needs.

Brand planning and marketing plan proposal

According to the positioning of customer's products, propose marketing planning recommendations in line with the product

R & D sample delivery

Conduct product sample trials that meet customer needs

Customer sample confirmation

Confirmed by the customer whether the product meets the requirements

Production & Manufacturing

Formal mass production after confirmation by customer

Finished Product Quality Inspection/Assurance

Comprehensive inspection and testing of finished products

Finished product Sampling inspection

Finished product inspection before delivery

Packing finished product shipment

Qualified finished products properly packaged and delivery

Production Process

1.P.O. confirmation
2. Material preparing
3. Material inpection
4. Production Plan Arrangement
5.Manufacturing & Assembling
6. Finished Product inspection
7. Packing
8. Storage
9. Delivery

Quality Management


The head of each unit will regularly check the staff's academic ability and improve the quality of the work with education and training


Before using the test instrument, check whether it is within the calibration period and test it according to the machine standard book to ensure the correctness of the test value


Incoming material sampling inspection, and trial by inspection equipment, to confirm whether qualified the Standard Quality.

Finished Product

After the completion of the finished product, one by one according to the standard inspection, to confirm whether there is any difference, to ensure the quality is stable.


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